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Guided Grand Canyon Group Backpacking

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Travel by trail with All-Star Grand Canyon Tours and other hikers that share the same passion for the outdoors and adventure travel. We have a variety of guided backpacking trips to choose from, and are designed to suit hikers of different hiking abilities and levels of experience. Our group backpacking trips range from one to three nights, and travel to several different areas in Grand Canyon National Park as well as Havasu Falls / Havasupai Reservation. All-Star offers guided backpacking trips year round, check the backpacking schedule to search out a first rate backpacking experience.

Backpacking in Grand Canyon is most enjoyable when hikers have experienced, knowledgeable guides organizing the backpacking trip; obtaining proper permits, preparing meals and outfitting gear.

What to Expect

All-Star Grand Canyon Tours is owned and staffed by experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, and professional backcountry guides. We provide high-quality, clean gear; including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and pads, trekking poles, and water bottles. Backpacks are selected according to gender and size of hikers. Our tents are available in 1, 2 and 3 person sizes, for different group sleeping arrangements. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours provides sleeping pads and bags with appropriate temperature ratings, according to season. In addition to gear, we provide all kitchen equipment and utensils, water filtration and purification, and backcountry first-aid kits. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours prepares and serves the finest backcountry cuisine available at Grand Canyon, as well as energy-sustaining snacks for trail travel and between meals.

What you Provide

While we provide all meals and gear for an enjoyable trip, we do ask guests to provide their own clothing, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellant, personal toiletries, and sturdy, comfortable footwear. (NOTE: If you purchase a new pair of boots for a backpacking tour, you must allow for several months of break-in time.)

More importantly, we ask all of our guests to invest time and energy in preparing physically for their Grand Canyon backpacking trip. Guests can expect to carry a backpack that weighs between 25 and 60 pounds. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours offers the option of hiring a "porter" or "sherpa" for an additional fee. A porter is an additional staff member who is hired on a tour for the sole purpose of carrying extra weight.

Backpacking Meals

We provide all meals for the duration of your hiking trip from an early breakfast on the first day to lunch at the trailhead on the last day, as well as abundant energy-sustaining snacks for trail travel and between meals. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours meals are second to none, using fresh, organic, and local ingredients as often as possible. Our menus have been developed and perfected to provide the finest backcountry cuisine that backpackers can expect. All of our group backpacking menus can accommodate dietary needs or restrictions, personal preferences and special requests. Special food requests such as Kosher and gluten-free can be accommodated, but may incur additional cost.

How it all Works

Please begin by browsing our group backpacking schedule and Backpacking Trip Descriptions. Choose a tour and date, and submit a reservation inquiry. Our backpacking specialists will respond via e-mail or telephone to learn some additional information, such as hikers' contact information, fitness levels, and trip expectations. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours maintains contact with backpackers throughout the planning process to answer questions and facilitate an amazing trip.

Things to keep in mind for All-Star's group backpacking tours:

  • Planning for a backpacking trip requires a backcountry (camping) permit application that must be submitted to the proper authorities several months in advance to ensure the best chances of securing the correct permits. Please start planning your vacation and contact us as far in advance as possible.
  • When a group backpacking permit is secured, it will be advertised on our website and open to other unrelated guests.
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions

Payment and Cancellation Policies

All-Star Grand Canyon Tours has a three-step payment policy. 1) A $100 per person deposit reserves a guest's space on the desired tour. (This deposit is fully refundable if All-Star Grand Canyon Tours cannot secure the permits for the desired tour.) 2) 50% of the total trip cost is due at the time we secure a permit. 3) The balance of the tour cost is due 30 days prior to trip launch date.

Should guests need to postpone or cancel a trip, guests may transfer to another available date that is within twelve months of their original trip, with the understanding that this transfer may again be subject to the applicable permitting processes.

Guests who cancel at least 30 days prior to trip departure will receive a full refund, minus the $100 per person deposit. Guests who cancel within 30 days will receive a 50% refund of the total trip cost.

For guests protection and due to the unpredictable nature of adventure travel, All-Star recommends

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