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Grandview Trail Map

Grandview Trail Description

All-Star Grand Canyon Tours leads customized day hiking tours and private backpacking tours in Grand Canyon, one of the hardest places in the world to hike; we design backpacking trips that are best suited to your family or group. The Grandview Trail is one of the best non-maintained trails in Grand Canyon for families and new hikers; it is an excellent trail to get away from the crowds. The trail follows a historic copper mining route, which has a real "off the beaten path feel." Due to the fact that the Grandview Trail doesn't allow for mule traffic, such as the Bright Angel Trail and the North Kaibab Traill, it feels lightly traveled and genuine. There are a couple of sections that you might not like if you have a fear of heights, but the Grandview trail is an excellent choice for first time Grand Canyon hikers that want to get away from the crowds.

History of the Grandview Trail:

The Grandview Trail was originally constructed by a prospector named Peter Berry. Berry operated a copper mine called the "Last Chance Mine" at the end of the trail, out on Horseshoe Mesa. Berry later used some of the profits to create the Grandview Hotel, which was the first commercial hotel at Grand Canyon. He operated this for some years and being the only lodging available in the area, it proved to be a successful business. That was until the Santa Fe Railroad built Grand Canyon Village. That pretty much put an end to Berry's operation.

Mileages are as follows (one-way):

- Horseshoe Mesa - 3 miles
- Campsites on Horseshoe Mesa- 3.1 miles
- Miner Springs- 4 miles
- Cottonwood Creek - 5 miles


- Rim - 7400''
- Horseshoe Mesa - 4800', 2600' below rim
- Miners' Spring - 4400', 3000' below rim
- Cottonwood Creek - 3600', 3800' below rim

Pros and Cons of Hiking the Grandview Trail:


- Well developed yet unmaintained trail.....this trail has a real "Off the Beaten Path" feel
- Just over 3 miles to camp, this trail offers big pay off in a short distance
- Great day hike
- Incredible cave system that can be explored
- Several side hikes are available once campsites are reached, including a large cave system called "The Cave of the Domes"
- This trail can be used as a day hike, a one night overnight backpacking trip, or part of a multi-day backpacking tour
- Horseshoe Mesa camp is positioned in a location the is optimal for an amazing Grand Canyon sunset and a huge night sky
- Bathroom facility in camp (National Park Service installed backcountry toilet)
- Small Campground
- Great family hike
- Good beginner hike


- Dry Camp, meaning no running water in Camp
- Very little shade in camp
- Seldom patrolling by Park Service
- Not an easy trail to access the Colorado River, there are certainly amazing views of the river, but getting to is a chore

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