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Grand Canyon Backpacking

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Backpacking Intro

The Grand Canyon is one of our planet's truly unique places. It is home to world famous destinations such as the South Kaibab, Bright Angel and North Kaibab Trails; collectively creating the Corridor Trails. These trails offer expansive views and meet at the bottom of the Canyon. They include the only two bridges spanning the Colorado River within Grand Canyon National Park. The Rim to Rim Corridor, Phantom Ranch, Havasu Falls and the mighty Colorado River offer hikers an up-close and personal window into geology, wildlife, vegetation and history. All-Star Grand Canyon Tours provides full-service, guided hiking and backpacking tours. These range from shorter visits to Indian Gardens, to extended remote loops on the Tonto Trail.

Backpacking tours in the Grand Canyon are unforgettable and require considerable planning and preparation for both gear and cuisine. We handle all these, as well as National Park permits and reservations. Concerned about carrying a heavy load? At your request we will supply the extra man or animal power to handle your load.

Group Backpacking

Group Backpacking is a fantastic opportunity to hike with others who share your passion for the outdoors. It is a cost effective way to exprience fully guided and outfitted Grand Canyon backpacking adventures. Whether looking for a primitive back country experience in Grand Canyon National Park or seeking an adventure designed for first time backpackers; All-Star Grand Canyon Tours create unforgettable memories. There are several Backpacking trips from which to choose. Our backpacking schedule has been developed over the years to consider unique seasonal conditions encountered on specific hiking trails. Our experienced guides will optimize your safety and enjoyment.

Private Backpacking

For those who elect to hike with their own friends or family, we recommend a private backpacking trip. Our experts will customize an extraordinary overnight trip. Private backpacking journeys are either in Grand Canyon National Park, or on the Havasupai Indian Reservation; named "One of the best Swimming Holes on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure.

Grand Canyon National Park

Escorted by All-Star's professional Grand Canyon backpacking guides, hikers can visit a number of destinations: Bright Angel Creek, Phantom Ranch, the Rim to Rim Corridor, and the Colorado River. If preferred, choose a remote adventure option: Horseshoe Mesa, Hermit Camp, Monument Canyon, the Bass Trails, or the Tonto Platform. We provide guided Group Backpacking Trips of several classic trails and destinations, as well as guided Private Backpacking Tours for guests desiring a customized visit.

Click Here for a schedule of our group backpacking tours, or Click Here for information about our private backpacking tours.

Havasupai Reservation and Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is an awe-inspiring paradise in the western side of Grand Canyon. There is truly no place like it on earth. Turquoise waterfalls spill into travertine pools, creating this breathtaking oasis in the desert. The Havasupai Indians are known for being the only continuous inhabitants of the Grand Canyon; and they have lived there for over 800 years. The word Havasupai means "people of the blue-green water" ; and it is this phenomenal color that attracts visitors from around the world. For a different and unique backpacking experience, hike through the red wall limestone almost 11 miles to the beginning of base camp. While hiking and camping, guests have a chance to view some of the best swimming areas on earth; Havasu, Mooney, New Navajo, Beaver and 50ft Falls. The opportunity exists to hike to the confluence of the mighty Colorado River and Havasu Creek.

  • Havasu Falls
  • New Navajo Falls
  • 50 / 50 Falls
  • Mooney Falls
  • Beaver Falls
  • Colorado River Confluence
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